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Stocks Remain Resilient Despite Rising Volatility

Quarterly Insights – July 2019 Historically typical volatility returned in the second quarter as uncertainty regarding U.S.-China trade relations, future Federal Reserve interest rate policy, and the state of the U.S. and global economies caused a more-than-6% pullback in the S&P 500 during May, before stocks broadly recovered in June and finished the quarter near fresh all-time highs. In sharp contrast to the quiet, steady gains of the first quarter, stock market performance in the second quarter was one marked by extremes. The S&P 500 logged a 4% gain in April thanks to solid first quarter corporate earnings reports, which further reduced concerns that earnings growth peaked in 2018. Additionally, due in part to statistics that showed inflation well below the Fed’s target, investors’ expectations for a 2019 Fed interest rate cut rose in April, which added fuel to the bullish fire. The S&P 500 ended April near new all-time highs.


Avaii Team is Growing

Avaii Wealth Management is growing and with growth comes change. We say good bye and thank you to Andrea Krueger and Shelley Mack and announce our new Director of Communications, Katie Six. We are confident her full-time focus will bring consistency, attention, and great value to you, our clients. Katie will be the first point of contact for clients, as well as help setting up appointments. She is focused on learning the unique needs of our clients and adapting Avaii to communicate using the most appreciated and preferential means. She will also be developing content to bring an added impact and relevance via our communication streams such as social media, blog, newsletter, ongoing seminars, and more.

Avaii Wealth Management: How Our Independence Benefits You

It’s not often in life that you get the opportunity to make your dream a reality, so it is with great excitement that I announce my new firm, Avaii Wealth Management. After almost 20 years in the finance industry, I took a leap of faith and founded Avaii Wealth Management with Jeff Rainer (Founding Wealth Advisor) and Joel Blattner (Founding Direction of Investments and Planning). In our work at our previous firm, we felt that we were serving our clients in the same way an independent advisor would, but some changes were announced that pushed us to truly become independent and continue to act as fiduciaries for our clients.