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What Shapes Us? An inside view at what matters to us at Avaii Wealth Management Thumbnail

What Shapes Us? An inside view at what matters to us at Avaii Wealth Management


What Shapes Us?

Our personalities and values build our culture. These factors are what drive who we work with, how we serve them, and what content we share.

Who We Serve?

Let’s start with who we serve. As a team, when we put our heads together and talked through commonalities of our clients, we made interesting discoveries. They might not be the same age or from the same place--some have big families, some small, there’s a healthy mix of married, single or divorced, men and women, doctors, nurses, small business owners, business professionals and laborers.

Where their connections became apparent was in their values. Our clients value their time and their families. Vacations, travel, and family events are high priorities. A child’s school event, the 80th birthday celebration of a loved one, or the birth of a new grandbaby makes the very top of their list, canceling all other commitments when they get the call. I think that is rad. They are disciplined with their spending and saving, allowing for goals such as a financially secure retirement to become a reality. Our clients drive sensible cars, donate to churches and charities, speak kindly, and work hard. They are very down to earth and relatable—they don’t take themselves too seriously. We are on a first name basis around here. While the respect level is high on both sides of the relationship, we can talk like friends. They trust us and keep the lines of communication open.

Who Are We?

And, who are we--the Avaii Wealth Management team? We are comprised of 10 people with 4 advisors and 6 support staff. (You can learn more about us here https://avaii.com/about/our-team.) We are small and mighty, an independent boutique style firm which allows us to be nimble in an ever-changing industry. We believe if you do the right thing, good things happen and so we do, even when it’s hard. We put our clients first. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. (Fiduciary duty is the ethical obligation to act solely in someone else’s best interest. Read more on this at https://smartasset.com/financial-advisor/what-is-fiduciary-financial-advisor.) It is our priority to know our clients well—what matters to them, their preferences and needs, and communicate to them accordingly.  

We also value time. Time is a commodity worthy of our respect, so we deal in this currency well. It’s important to us to be present with the person/ people in front of us, whether that is at work or at home. This includes maintaining a healthy schedule and boundaries that communicate to our families that when we are with them, they are our focus. We love nature, trying new things, travel, great food and great service. We aren’t afraid to say the hard thing when it needs to be said. We believe we can always be better, so our attitude is one that is teachable. We don’t change for change sake, but we do when it makes sense and better serves the people around us. And we really don’t take ourselves too seriously. No one is above or below anyone here. Last, but certainly not least, we love to laugh and have fun. It helps that each of us is straight up hilarious. No single day goes by without a good amount of laughter. This includes having fun with our clients. The only sound that carries to my office from Christian’s is laughter and I hear it regularly. I love that.

So that just about sums it up. If you follow us here and on the socials, you will find practical knowledge we think (hope) has the ability to grow you. You will see topics and posts related to travel, families, as well as transparent, real talk that may just contribute to the quest of whole-hearted, happy living. We encourage saving & overall financial health, of course. Oh, and I really hope we make you laugh. Seriously, because if it’s not fun, why do it?